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Patient reviews:

I travel 1 hour & 15 minutes to see Dr. Cheng. He is absolutely the best, most caring, most intuitive doctor I have ever encountered. He takes care of almost all health issues for me. In fact, he often knows what's wrong before I tell him. He has treated me for migraines, & various infections that did NOT respond to western medicine. I recommend him to everyone, for everything!


I have suffered from depression all of my life. Seasonal changes have a major impact on my mental health. Winters are particularly bad for me. I was always able to manage with periodic help of counseling. About 2 years ago, things got to be too much for me to handle. I felt sad constantly. I didn’t want to socialize with others and did not want to go to work. I decided that I needed professional help. I was finally able to find a psychiatrist that took my insurance.

The psychiatrist recognized my state and prescribed anti depressant medication. The medication helped for about 6 months. He increased the dosage. I felt better but something was not quite right. After 12 months I felt stable but not “normal”. I felt something needed tweaking.

My niece, who is a doctor, recommended acupuncture. I finally took her advice and started looking for an acupuncturist. She suggested I find someone who studied in China and is familiar with herbs. I found Dr. Shi.

Immediately after my first visit, I realized something was missing. I was a sense of dread that I was not even aware of. I felt more “normal”. I have not felt that in many years. Six months later, my psychiatrist reduced the dosage of my anti depressants. 3 months later, he took me off the medication. One year later, I continue to feel fantastic. My goal is to make it through next winter without anti depressants.

If you are thinking about acupuncture to treat your condition, I highly recommend giving it a try. You might get very luck like me and respond well to the treatments. Be patient. You may be very surprised and pleased with the results.


Dr. Shi has contributed greatly to my overall health and well being. I sought treatment from Dr. Shi for a severe chronic cough associated with asthma. After several treatments, I have witnessed a dramatic improvement in my respiratory functions and my cough has almost completely subsided.


After coming for treatment to Cheng’s acupuncture, my back pain is completely gone, my energy level is up and my body is not as hot as it use to be. I use to have frequent urination, but that has also slowed down


Dr. Chengzhang Shi, who goes by Cheng, is a Chinese American practitioner of acupuncture. Although the practice is unconventional to Westerners, you can’t argue with results. Both my wife and I are pleased with the outcomes of our procedures. We were referred by my wife’s cousin who has had great results.

Dr Cheng has a very pleasant manner. His rooms provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. He is effective and knowledgeable and gentle in his placement of the needles, being mostly painless with only a rare pinnacle of sensation. We have happily referred others to him and would recommend him highly to anyone considering acupuncture.


I am a RN and see acupuncture as a more valuable adjunct to allopathic medicine. I have been treated by 3 Korean and 1 American acupuncturists, Dr. Cheng has been by far the best. He added herbs to his treatment regiment with excellent results. My immune system has been boosted so that there has been no URI in the winter and no flu this season (09-10)! I am more relaxed and sleep better today.


I live an hour away and would rather travel this distance to be treated by Cheng than have a closer acupuncturist treat me.


I have benefited greatly from Cheng’s treatment both physically and psychologically. Cheng shows great concern for his patients wellness. He has given me sound health advice and has made a great difference to my well being.


Cheng possesses the rare combination of genuine warmth and concern for his patients as well as envitable technique and knowledge in TCM.


Cheng has helped me with many problems including neck pain, cold extremities, digestive and emotional problems. We have been working together to improve the skin spots that I have on legs and arms. I have had these spots for 25 years and they were getting worse. Cheng has been treating them with acupuncture and herbs. I am actually seeing some improvement. I am very encouraged.


I have been working with Cheng for several years. I had a prior history of irregular periods and initially came to see Cheng to help restore hormonal balance and improve my sleep quality. After Cheng's acupuncture enabled my cycles to return and gave me the gift of quality sleep again, we turned our attention to helping me become pregnant. With the joined assistance of my fertility doctor and Cheng's acupuncture, I was able to become pregnant and was blessed with a very healthy pregnancy and baby boy. Since the birth of my son, I have continued to work with Cheng and he has helped me in many other areas of my heath such as improving hair quality, digestion and energy. Cheng has the insight to assess and diagnose my health conditions with tremendous accuracy and has often detected and cured imbalances that routine blood tests have missed. I have had many experiences with doctors throughout my life and I have never worked with a physician such as Cheng with such remarkable skill and knowledge of the entire body as a holistic unit. Cheng has identified and removed obstacles to my health and has helped my body restore its energetic balance. Cheng is attentive, thoughtful and extremely wise and has taught me a great deal about my health. I recommend him highly.


I have lower back and neck pain. I suffered from tendonitis. I could hardly walk straight and the back neck pain was affecting my everyday life, and then I came to Cheng’s Acupuncture & Herbs Clinic for acupuncture sessions. I have improved. I would highly recommend others to be treated by Dr. Chengzhang Shi’s clinic.

Dr. Shi takes great pride in his acupuncture practice. He is superior in facilitating a calm and relaxing experience for his clients. He has such a wonderful personality and he is very professional that I look forward to my acupuncture sessions. He will walk you through the entire acupuncture process so you are comfortable and at ease. He is one of the most knowledgeable and informed acupuncturist in his field.

I still get treatments because I believe in the results I have received. I am more energetic and active and feel stronger and healthier than I have ever felt. The entire experience has left me feeling revived and renewed.


I decided to try acupuncture and herbs because I was afraid I would need a hysterectomy for my huge fibroids. In just 7 short weeks, my fibroids have shrunk and the nerve pain I had has been eliminated. I used to feel the nerve pain while sitting in front of the computer, walking and swimming. I can enjoy my exercise including swimming and walking without nerve pain. I can enjoy my life now and not be afraid that I might need surgery. What a blessing! I highly recommend Cheng. He is very knowledgeable about how to treat your symptoms. In addition, he is a kind and compassionate man. As an added benefit, I have increased energy and a feeling of wellness.

-----Jane Frankel

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